iLEAD AFRICA and the UN SDG Action Campaign Join Forces to Mobilize Millions to Take Critical Action on the Sustainable Development Goals

iLEAD AFRICA announced today that they are joining the UN SDG Action Campaign, a United Nations Secretary-General initiative hosted by UNDP, and its partners to scale up action during the Global Week to #Act4SDGs. Taking place from 16 to 25 September, during the high-level UN General Assembly debate, this mobilization moment aims to accelerate action on the Sustainable Development Goals. The Global Week to #Act4SDGs will ask people to ‘flip the script’ on prevailing narratives, to show that the power is in our hands and that the change we want to see is possible if we work together.

iLEAD AFRICA has a history of creating sustainable change by empowering marginalized communities and influencing government policies and programs to ensure that those policies have a great impact on the life of common citizens. Being an official partner of Global Week to #Act4SDGs will help us to take our advocacy work to the global space to influence global decisions. Also, it will provide an avenue to partner and collaborate with other changemakers on achieving SDGs.

Moving forward, iLEAD AFRICA through our Be The Change Initiative will be launching BE THE CHANGE CHAMPION platform to mobilize young people across Africa and galvanize support toward achieving sustainable development goals. We will be embarking on Community Advocacy Action Project (CAAP) to raise awareness in remote communities on the issues relating to health, education, water, sanitation, climate, and gender that will lead to attitude change and influence decision-makers.

The Executive Director of iLEAD AFRICA, Yusuff Liadi Abiodun said there’s no better time than now for everyone to take action towards achieving the United Nations Agenda 2030 as a roadmap to accelerate sustainable development in the world. Covid-19 has exposed the world to health challenges and disrupted our global economy which increase the high rate of poverty and vulnerability across the globe, we all need to come together and join hands to take global action to make the world a better place for everyone without leaving no one behind.

“Remember you can be whatever you want to be in this world but the best of all you can be is to Be The Change,” Yusuff stated

Marina Ponti, Director of the UN SDG Action Campaign, said that the time is now for all stakeholders – organizations and individuals alike – to come together in solidarity.

“In these challenging times for the world, the power is in our hands to flip the script on climate, justice, and peace – which means re-writing the narrative and reclaiming our future. A future with people and the planet in focus. The UN SDG Action Campaign and its partners have shown that we are stronger together as we can mobilize millions of people to bring about positive change,” Ms. Ponti stated.

iLEAD AFRICA’s participation in the Global Week to #Act4SDGs is a critical component and will add to our work in achieving universal social protection for all to eradicate extreme poverty and vulnerability, and reach the unserved and underserved communities. The SDGs cannot be achieved without everyone’s contribution.

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